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You Are Not Going To Believe The Turnover Jay – Z Makes!

Everyone would like to be a successful musician. A music star has the unique combination of wealth and fame built into a luxurious package which everyone would like to own. Even though music is a type of art, it takes even more than just having talent to become the next world star. It doesn’t mean that no one is invited to try their hand in creating a new astonishing career everyone will aspire to. With so many genres in today’s music, you will find that even more musicians are trying to become famous. Things get increasingly hard, because of the so-called ‘old school ‘artists who are basically the equivalent of the genre they are participating in.

The world will always have legends like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson, and those names make it hard for new ones to appear. It is just too hard to outmatch something these people have done during their lives. The same goes for rappers and hip hoppers alike. Some of them become so famous that even after death their music is still widely appreciated and eagerly listened to. Nowadays the competition between rappers comes down to who makes the most money out of all. Even though most of them brag about their earnings in some of their songs, their boasts and reality tend to differ.

Not to say that some of them make almost no money. Make no mistake, in the eyes of an average person who has a day-to-day job, all of these musicians make a torrent of money. Their salaries are literally measured in millions of dollars and yet they still compete! Even though they all rank highly in terms of earning, one of the most promising stars of the hip-hop scene, Jay – Z has the potential to outmatch every single of them with the amount of money he is making. The most recent Jay z net worth info indicates that his salary is plummeting and is only going to increase as the time goes by. The amount of money he currently makes is literally frightening. You could combine the salary of an entire town filled with people who work every day and even that wouldn’t be able to meet the half of what he makes.

The possibility of him making even more money than that is almost impossible to believe in. But, his latest activity shows that he is definitely not planning to stop there. Engaged in multiple fields, it is very possible for him to go even higher. His reputation so far is legendary, and it has been nothing but that for the past few decades. Keep in mind that this didn’t just happen overnight. He had to put in a lot of hard work to make all this happen and the fact that he is willing to go forward and do even more for himself is inspiring.

Equipment you need for a Restaurant

A restaurant no matter how large or small,  simple or fashionable, will definitely need a set of necessary equipment which would be largely determined by the type of restaurant being opened. For example, a fast food restaurant, fine dining and a mid-scale restaurant would all require different equipment as per the needs. A fast food restaurant will need headsets to aid the attendants at drive through whereas the fine dining restaurants would have absolutely different equipment. Even the amount of equipment depends as a small restaurant would need less whereas a large restaurant with a space for seating would require equipment in bulk. Thus, right from the back to the serving or dining areas, the restaurant would need different pieces of equipment to facilitate service.

Why is it needed?

Well now this is one of the basic questions asked as to why anyone should pay attention to the equipment needed.  Let us first understand why is there a need of any kind of equipment assistance needed in restaurant business. To take an example here, one important piece of equipment that every food corner or restaurant would need is POS system, apart from all cooking stuff. The POS system would be needed to track any kind of sales or inventory usage. POS would be helping out to calculate costs, expenses, revenues and even the bills along with keeping record of each and every transaction. Thus, even though we let our scope be conventional, we see that different equipment are really necessary for a restaurant to run.
What exactly do you need- the basics


Now there are many things that would slowly and gradually up the ante but to start with, there are some basic things that you should lay your hands on first. You are definitely going to need some pots, pans and a range of various other cookware as small equipment. If you are going for a fine dining restaurant and need the things to be just fine, more of dicing equipment with cutlery, pans and steaks would be needed. Steel tables, cutting boards, grinders, dish washing machines, rollers, slicers for bread, blenders and a whole list out there make up the compulsory part for any type of restaurant.
Most of the food in a restaurant is cooked in open ranges, stoves or ovens. The type and the size of these are obviously dependent on the potential serving capacity of the restaurant. Fryers for food like French fries, rings of onion, mushroom chips, etc. would also be needed. Depending on the type of facility one would like to provide, steam tables and heating stations can also be installed in the restaurant for quick heating of food like meat and tortillas. Cold Storage comes as another essential equipment facility that is a compulsion for any restaurant. The cold storage equipment would be used to store all the vegetables and raw meat for future use. Some essential herbs too can be used later if they are stored in deep frost mode well in the cold storage equipment.
Hence, not only the licenses and paperwork, one would need to get hands on various equipment to start and carry on a restaurant business. For those looking to buy restaurant equipment New York, get online and visit for exclusive deals and range of equipment available.